Cutting the costs of getting hitched

For many of us the cost of a wedding is one of the largest financial commitments we make after the cost of purchasing a home. In fact, for some couples the financial strain of a traditional ‘larger than life’ family wedding places a huge amount of stress on what should be one the happiest days of our lives. With the average wedding in the UK setting us back an eye watering £30,000.00 it is easy to understand why for some, the cost is beyond reach. Depending on family sizes, venue and location as well as all of the detail that goes into making a wedding a truly special day, many UK couples find themselves over-spending and as a result over-stretching themselves financially. The ability to avoid all of this pressure and financial stress, for the vast majority of us, would be a welcomed ability. This is why today we will be looking at the various different ways to reduce the overall cost of planning a wedding and furthermore looking at the cost saving alternatives which are available.

Increasingly one of the most popular ways of vastly reducing the costs of a Big White Wedding is to not have one and instead, elope. Of course in years gone by eloping was seen to be reserved for those who wished to marry against the wishes of the family but in our modern day world thousands of UK couples are choosing this route to save money whilst still having a wedding day to remember. The last three years in particular have seen couples choosing to marry via eloping, perhaps because of increasing British Housing costs and the general cost of living continuing to increasing, forcing all consumers to be more careful with when and how we spend money. The destination which continues to be popular is Gretna Green thanks to the village’s romance history and more sensibly, ability to reduce costs dramatically. Of course couples are also wedding outside the UK with hotter climates being swapped for costly Manor Houses here in the UK. In Fiji for example the average cost of a wedding is around £600.00 with Mauritius being the other end of the scale at just shy of £7000.00 but still a massive reduction on the average cost of a UK wedding. It would be fair to say that the option to elope will undoubtedly reduce the total cost of a wedding, which means such funds can be saved or simply not spent; if the use of credit was being considered. Of course however in such cases it is important to consider who would not be included in your special day.

For those couples who wish to have a wedding, with all their family and friends present, there are money saving tips which can help to reduce the financial strain larger and costlier wedding days can cause. It is for this reason that ‘DIY’ weddings are becoming a popular UK wedding choice also. For those who are not in the financial position to fund a wedding, planning and being creative with the big day is becoming a savvy couple’s life line. A great starting point is using the website WeddingPlanner who helps to compare the cost of suppliers and venues which are like for like. Many couples have expressed the minute a supplier is aware there is a wedding involved the costs seemed to double. Instead get crafty and look at what elements of the wedding could be done yourself. Whether this means making the favours, baking the cake (cupcakes for example are quick and easy and a timeless classic) or creating the decorations at home. Many couples take this further and choose to elect a marque in their own or a willing family members garden; saving costs in excess of £7000.00 for a venue alone. Planning your wedding in advance is key and therefore will allow plenty of preparation time and a happy side effect is that the big day can feel much more personal. Why not email the wedding invites and save in the region of £300.00 on having invitations specially printed. Or get inspired and print photos in a vintage print as you’re invite and pop them in the post with a hand written message. The reality is the ways in which money can be saved is somewhat endless. Many UK couples site the venue and photography as the biggest wedding related costs, followed by the dress and cost of catering, so by focusing your saving efforts to these areas there will without a doubt, an ability to reduce the total financial commitment required.

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