Need a little help?

If you require some support and advice to assist with the management of your current financial commitments, the following organisations offer this on a free and impartial basis: 


At Pacific Odyssey we want you to know that if your circumstances change, we want to help you. 

We understand there can be changes in your life which affect your ability to maintain agreements which were once affordable. These changes may mean that you are finding it difficult to make the repayments agreed for your Pacific Odyssey loan. If this is the case, please do not worry and rest assure we will be happy to discuss an alternative which is realistic and affordable.

Our Customer Support Team are fully trained to offer guidance and support on how we can move forward which your account in a fuss-free manner. In fact, our Team will be grateful you called rather than continue struggling with a repayment which is no longer suitable.

When we granted the loan we reviewed your ability to afford it based on your budget and its current financial requirements, if this has changed our team will be happy to hear about it. We ultimately want to maintain a positive relationship with you as a valued customer and want to offer assistance should it be required. 

So please don’t worry, we really are here to help and calling our Team today on 01284 724651 will allow us to do just that.

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