How to avoid costly mistakes at Festivals

It is fast approaching the time of year when many hundreds of thousands of us descend on various locations up and down the country to partake in the delights of festival season. During this time, we leave the comfort of our own homes and instead become the residents of pop-up tents and for the lucky few, posh tepees! As well as a great opportunity to see all of your favourite acts live and in their full glory, the sad true is that festival season is also a firm favourite amongst opportunist thefts. Given our reliance on our internet enabled technology, many thousands of us will not think twice about taking our Smart phones, tablets and laptops along for our festival experience. As such this means we are running the risk of having these items taken from us at some point during our festival experience. It’s important to remember that in the vast majority of cases these festivals are not cheap to attend, with many day pass tickets alone for the likes of V Festival or Creamfields, costing in the region of £100.00. So with this in mind, losing an expensive item, such as your Smart phone, or even worse having it stolen, will only lead to increased costs overall. So today let’s look at some festival smart tips which can not only help save you money but also, save your expensive items from being taken.

According to insurer Policy Expert festival based thefts resulted in a cost of £270,000.00 last year and each year this figure continues to increase. As well as the cost involved, it would be fair to say that for many of us having an electronical device lost or worse, stolen whilst away at a festival will mean the loss of memories stored within the device; not to mention the distress felt upon discovering you have been a victim of theft. The obvious choice to avoid the chance of having your personal possessions stolen is of course to leave them at home. Instead why not consider using cheaper alternatives for the days you are away, so that contact with the ‘outside’ world does not have to cease entirely. For example, a disposal camera can be picked up for as little as £5.99 for a multi pack and also cheap pay-as-you go mobiles are available from Tesco starting at only £12.99 for an Alcatel 1016G phone.

For those of us still determined to take our Smart phones with us to festivals there are lots of ways to attempt to key the item safe. First and foremost, ensure the security features of the device are set to the highest level, so whether this a pin code or a disabling of applications which are not needed; use all of the available measures. Keep the item on you at all times and preferably as close to your person as possible. This means for the ladies’ bags which sit at the front of you and have a secure zip. For the gentlemen; zipped up pockets are the only save choice. Leaving any expensive items in your tent is always going to be a risky choice but if you must do so most festivals security will advise you leave your tent and its content in a mess and not neatly organised; hide the expensive items wherever it is possible to do so. More sensibly why not take advantage of the locker facilities which can be found at almost all of the festivals on offer. These lockers can of course be expensive, with some charging £15.00 upwards daily but the fact of the matter is the loss of a Smart phone will definitely cost you more.

Before you travel to the festival it would be extremely sensible to ensure your existing Home Insurance Policy covers the cost of theft or loss whilst away. Whereas in the past it used to be standard that electricals including mobile phones were covered as part of an insurance policy, this is no longer the case. Therefore it is worth checking in advance, especially given the location at which the theft or loss may occur. Generally these days insurers can offer this cover by way of an additional insurance premium, often in the region of £60.00. This cover is known as Personal Possessions Cover and nowadays is the most sensible choice for the rockers and festival goers amongst us. A good and relevant insurance policy combined with sensible security measures whilst away, can and should lead to a happy camping experience for all. 

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