How to get the best deal for your day out

With the weather now changing and our summer holidays quickly becoming a distant memory, there are many of us who may be thinking what’s the next thing we will do with our families. Christmas is not too far away but that doesn’t mean that there will not be opportunities to do things with our loved ones before the big man is popping down our chimneys. In fact with the summer months finally behind us, there may be opportunities to save money on fun filled family days out. The cost of having a day out can range from nothing at all, right through to the ridiculous and as such it can be difficult to plan a day out as a family without the worry that the cost will out-weigh the enjoyment. That’s why it is important to ensure you plan in advance for a day-out and furthermore, see what offers there are available which may be of some benefit to you. As we would when we are making any purchases or even managing our regular household bills, it is important to ensure research is conducted, wherever possible, to ensure we are getting the most value for our money when it comes to having a day out with the family. Whether this day out means a visit to the zoo, a theme park, a meal out or a trip to the local swimming pool, there is more than likely an opportunity to save a few pounds along the way. Today we will be looking at just some of the offers and money saving tricks which are well worth considering.

First and foremost, there is the tricky issue of feeding your brood. As most of us will have discovered at one point or another, the cost of eating out can be quite costly. Take for example the cost of snacks at the cinema; whether its popcorn or Pic n Mix, watch out the cost of these things for a family can soon mount up. Did you know that having a loyalty card with Cineworld cinemas means that the cost of food and drink can be reduced in their cinemas by 10%? In addition, these loyal cards can get you 25% off your bill at a number of different restaurants such as Pizza Hut and Frankie and Bennies; perfect for a pre film meal. For those of us not visiting the cinema and instead are simply looking to eat out as a family, the best piece of advice is easy; never to eat out without a voucher or discount code. These are ever so simple to obtain and can be found for most major UK eateries following a quick online search and in fact, could save you as much as 50% off your total bill. Another great example for saving money on the cost of your food bill is the Taste Card. The Taste Card is an amazing money saving tool and in simple terms can get you 50% off your total bill or ‘2 for 1’ deals at over 6500 restaurants in the UK.  

Now that we know that we should never be paying full price when eating out as a family and if there is no discount available; consider taking a pack-up or at least snacks! What other ways are there to save some pennies when going out for the day as a family? The great news is there are lots of offers for specific days out in and around the UK. One such example of a money saving opportunity is when visiting London. For many years now there has been an amazing ability to obtain 2 for 1 deals for a number of main London days out and this offer remains in place today. This means the total cost of visiting the London Dungeons or the London Eye can be halved with some simple in-advance planning. In fact, many of the UK’s major cities offer this deal and as such the cost of visiting city based attractions can be managed effectively. Money saving deals are not exclusive to city breaks though and even local days out can be done on a budget in most cases. In terms of accessing local deals it would be sensible to join local Facebook groups, mailing lists and buy the local papers. Doing so will likely ensure you have quick and easy access to local deals, vouchers and money saving routes whenever they become available. The trick here is simple really, so be alert and stay connected; doing so will only ever ensure you and your family can save some money on your days out together.

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