How to obtain the best deal on your next mobile phone

For many of us the use our Smart Phones is integral to our everyday lives. This means that we rely upon our devices to perform a whole host of different tasks on any given day. Not only do they allow us to communicate with one another, through a host of different methods, such as calls, texts, Face Time, Whatsapp and many more but in reality, they also serve us in a whole host of different ways outside of communication alone. Smart phones have become one our most trusted and powerful tools thanks to their ability to connect us to the internet every single moment of the day. As such Smart Phones are being used for banking, emails, shopping, business and social networking. Without any one of these functions, many consumers would likely admit they would be completely lost. This is why so many of us invest in the cost of our Smart Phones month in and month out, every single year. Often consumers prefer the use of a monthly contract to satisfy the needs of their Smart Phone requirements. Using a monthly contract allows consumers the ability to access the new devices without the requirement to purchase the handset outright and instead, can spread the cost over a number of pre-agreed months. In the vast majority of cases these monthly contracts last for a period of 24 hours; ensuring the supplier can recoup the cost of the handset throughout the cost of the agreement. With the launch of the iPhone 7 recently, The Mirror reported on its starting cost of £599.00 extending up to £799.00 for more expensive models. So with this in mind it is of little wonder that consumers select the pay monthly deals available. It is worth considering though whether or not we are getting the best deals for our Smart Phone requirements and if in fact there are other ways we could be reducing the costs we are prepared to pay each and every month.

For many years it was considered that using a pay-as-you-go deal was the cheapest way to manage the cost of a mobile phone. With the introduction of the Smart phone this slowly but steadily became untrue given the rising costs of the new style of headset and the functions they deliver. Given our demand to have a range of capabilities and functions available for our mobiles, the cheaper devices simply fell out of favour for most consumers, leading to the requirement to purchase the more capable but expensive devices. Whereas a classic mobile phone on pay-as-you-go would cost little more than £50.00, as mentioned above and in the case of the most recent iPhone launch, this is certainly no longer the case. Instead it would appear as consumers we would be better served by a pay monthly contract which can combine our need for a modern and effective Smart Phone with a fair and affordable monthly tariff.

It would seem that all of the major communication suppliers want to secure our business. This is attempted via the offer of free phones (in terms of the up-front costs), data packed monthly bundles and free gifts for choosing one supplier over another; to name but a few. Given that Smart Phone devices are not loyal to networks or suppliers; this means there is always an opportunity to shop around in this market. As discussed in the Daily Mail today, establishing what it is you need from your Smart Phone is the first step in securing the best possible deal. Depending on these individual requirements, it is then vital that all the different suppliers are considered. Furthermore to obtain the best deal it may be worth going a step further than assuming the listed costings and price are the very best available. Given the fierce competition which exists in this market, often once you arrive on a site, designed to sell these Smart Phones, there will be another opportunity to get a deal which is not immediately obvious. This opportunity is that of online ‘chat’. An online chat facility gives the opportunity to communicate quickly and directly with the supplier. This therefore means there is an opportunity to request a discount or a deal also. Effectively this means do not be afraid to ask for a deal, as often, they will be one which is not being advertised. In addition to shopping around and requesting a deal, do not forget the numerous different resources which will help you dispose of your old and no longer needed handset. The sale of an old handset simply puts money back in our pockets and therefore towards the overall cost of a new device. 

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