How to secure the best deals for your unwanted goods

Arguably one of the easiest ways to generate a little extra cash is via the resale of some of your old bits and bobs. That’s right, simply by looking around your home for a whole manner of no longer used items, you could open-up an opportunity to generate some extra cash. Most of us would admit that in reality we are not very good at letting go of things and this is then coupled with the fact that as the years continue to pass we continue to gain an increasing amount of ‘things’. Whether this is games consoles, books, DVD’s, unused Christmas presents or clothing, homewares or even sports equipment; the list is of course ended! These items take up increasing amounts of space around our home with serving a purpose to our everyday lives. The fact of the matter is many of these various items will never be used and are simply being kept stored away. This is why having a clear out could be a really good idea. There are lots of different ways your old ‘things’ could be converted into some extra money and the effort required in many examples is very little. These options can be online or off-line but doing so will not only allow you to clear some room around the house but also earn some money in doing so. Today we will be looking at a few different options for disposing of your un-wanted items and the processes which are involved.

First up there is a number of online services designed to relieve you of your unwanted CD’s, DVD’s, books, game console games and even clothing. The service in question is Music Magpie and they allow you to sell these items simply by either scanning the barcode of the item or inputting it into their site manually. There is a specific application for the site, available for most Android and iOS Smart Phones which can be downloaded from their respective online stores completely free of charge to enable the barcode scanning function. Inputting your unwanted items will then result in both an individual price for each item and an overall price offered for the whole selection. Providing you wish to accept their offer you can then send the items to Music Magpie free of charge. Once they have received your items and quality checked them, a payment will be issued to you. You can select repayment via bank transfer; being the most popular option or cheque if preferred. Another service which is very similar but does not currently take clothing, as is the case with Music Magpie, is another online retailer called Ziffit. Ziffit also allow you the opportunity to receive repayment for your unwanted goods via a cash voucher which is redeemable via thousands of outlets who will provide the cash in exchange for your printed voucher.

If you decide to use either of the services explained above, or any one of the similar services which are available online, there are several tips to follow. Firstly, it is important to understand that if your old CD’s and/or DVD’s are not in working order and damaged; they will be rejected and will not be returned to you. This fact is clearly explained in the terms and conditions of such sites and in addition, the same applies when there are items missing from the original set. An example of this would be a missing DVD from a boxset; in this case the item would almost certainly be rejected. In addition, it is important to consider whether the value is one which you are prepared to accept. The price quoted will not increase and depending on the general ‘quality’ may decrease upon inspection.    

For those of us who would prefer to avoid the route of an online service, there are several other easy options to consider. Take for example the humble but often vastly successful car-boot. These are held throughout the country at thousands of different visits, several of which are probably local to your home. A car-boot usually requires a pitch fee but this is often a nominal amount and then you have the ability to sell any manner of goods from around your home. A free method for achieving the same thing is that of a ‘yard’ sale, where you set up a pitch outside your house, on the lawn or from your garage for example but your through-traffic is likely to be considerably less; depending on the size of the area where you live. In these instances it is useful to be realistic with the prices you request and always expect to be knocked down via haggling; this is all part of the process!  

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