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Author: Internal Customer Services Agent

How to turn your bits and bobs into cash

For many of us the ability to earn a little extra money, for a one-off purchase or a weekend away, would be of great advantage. What many of us do not realise is the fact that there is money to be made simply from de-cluttering our homes. Given how regularly we are connected to the internet and its various different social media sites, there is a quick and simple method at our disposal for earning money for the things we no longer need. Remember the days of the car-boot sale? Well nowadays consumers are able to earn money for the items around the home which are no longer of use, simply by using existing social media accounts as well as specifically designed applications for selling your old stuff. Take for example Facebook, many millions of us use this social media site each and every day, perhaps, without understanding its full potential. The reality of the situation is that for most areas of the country there are specially dedicated pages designed to allow you the opportunity to sell your unwanted items in your area. Some of these sites are long established and as such have many thousands of followers and therefore, potential ‘customers’ for your unwanted household items.

The great thing about such pages within the Facebook application is that you do not need to load your car up and arrive at a field in the freezing cold, to be given the chance to sell the things around your home that no longer provide any worth. In fact the truth of the matter is that money can be earned from the comfort of your own home. By uploading photos of the items you wish to sell, you can make these items available to the other followers of the group. One women recently reported to the daily mail that she was able to sell goods to the value of over £800.00 using the method of a Facebook selling group. This means all sorts of household items can be sold if you wish, ranging from clothing right through to furniture for example. Depending on the group and the administrator responsible for it, there will be rules and requirements for how items are sold but usually this is to ensure group members are treated fairly and that a certain quality of sale is maintained.

As well as giving users the ability to sell unwanted items there will also be means for making purchases also which could mean a bargain could be found. The actual sale of items and the purchase of items is not managed via the group and instead is done on a direct user to user basis, in the vast majority of cases this means the individual paying cash for the purchase on receipt of the groups. Equally depending on the terms of the user, the item will either be delivered, usually within an agreed distance or can be collected from an agreed address. Generally speaking these Facebook groups offer a good level of flexibility in terms of delivery/collection requirements.  

Aside from the capability to sell and purchase unwanted goods from around the home and in doing so provide a little extra income, these particular type of groups can also be a source of information for the local area. An example of this would be for individuals looking to rid themselves of old clothing, whether that be adult or children’s clothing. Once you are a member of such groups there is usually a facility to ‘ask the group’ a question concerning the disposal of items you do not wish to sell. In the example of clothes there may be an opportunity to ensure your unwanted items are still put to good use, whether that be via the local hostel or clothing bank. There may be ‘mother and baby’ group members who will be able to recommend a suitable home for no longer needed children’s clothes or toys for example.

The point here is this, using the internet and its resources in terms of social networks can not only be a means for generating a little extra income but at the same time can provide an ability to ‘give back’ to the local community also if you wish. Given the frequency at which many of us use social member it would only make sense to maximise its use and potential wherever possible to do so. Often there will be more than one group dedicated to your local area and joining one to begin with may then open up the ability to join more for present and future use for selling and buying of unwanted but often needed household items.


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