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Author: Internal Customer Services Agent


Price increases to expect from Sky

It has been announced today that Sky customers will be facing increased costs for the packages they have in existence with the company. Like many service or product providers, partially where a direct or indirect element of communication services is involved, this is a somewhat regular occurrence. Existing customers who have any of the television, phone line and/or internet packages with the company will be facing an automatically increased bill on a monthly basis and will shortly be informed of such via letter. It appears many millions of consumers are using the Sky packages each and every year and therefore these changes will effect a considerable number of us. Sky like many of the providers in existence aim to offer their customers a total package as far as their entertainment needs are considered, meaning they encourage customers to take up packages which not only supply them with exclusive channels and therefore programmes but in addition their telephone and internet service needs also. As such the price increase on a monthly sense is actually a small sum of money and Sky has detailed that the increase in general costs is to ensure they can continue to deliver a high quality of service across all aspects of their product range and in doing so continue to ensure they offer a level of exclusivity.

It has been about 4 months since Sky increased costs for their phone line and broadband customers and this followed an increase for the customers with TV packages, this latest announcement followed these now that a year has passed in the case of TV package customers. The cost of the basic and original TV package offered by Sky will remain at £20.00 monthly for new customers but for existing customers the monthly cost will increase to £22.50 per month. Those customers who currently have additional ‘add on’ channels such as Vanity Fair and Sky Q, will see a price increase of £2.00 per month. Sky have advised for their existing TV package customers the total additional cost for the entirety of the year will be no more than £30.00 and in return the service offered will be improved thanks to funding available for further programmes on the more popular channels they offer.

Whilst it appears that often Sky, like many suppliers, treat their new customers in a ‘better’ manner then that of their existing customers, there may be round for movement as far as total costing is considered. For those consumers who are still increase the minimum term of contract, it is unlikely there can be any despite concerning this increase and such individuals will not be able to exit their contracts until such time that the minimum term has elapsed, therefore for existing customers this is by no means the case. Once the minimum term of contract has been confirmed to have passed, customers who have Sky packages do have the right to cancel the service providing the correct process of cancellation is adhered to. A 31 day notice period must be served which then allows consumers to leave the contract if preferred. Equally Sky, like many communication based suppliers, may be open to negotiations from existing customers who feel that they are not receiving the ‘best’ package for their needs and with this in mind it might be worth expressing such feelings before deciding to terminate the agreement entirely.

The price increases due for Sky customers are not unusual and in fact some communication suppliers increase their monthly subscription costs on an annual basis. Take for example o2, they will increase the cost of their tariffs for existing customers each year in order to continue to improve their service, whilst maintaining value for service. It appears to be common practice amongst these type of service suppliers that new customers will be invited to take advantage of ‘deals’ before they are extended to existing customers; if this is ever the case in fact. This is why it remains important to monitor and investigate price increases even if they are on a small scale. Many consumers continue to pay increasing costs as far as their communication suppliers are concerned but this also extends to insurance based products as well. Take for example car insurance, it is pretty much universally known that remaining with the same car insurance provider year after year will mean missing out on a lower price simply by shopping around and comparing. Whilst it is important that our service providers continue to treat us fairly when it comes to the price we consistently pay monthly, as consumers, we also can benefit from monitoring these costs and shopping around where it is possible to do so.     

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