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It’s so common nowadays that we use our Smart phones to take photos instead of a separate camera and as such all of our memories are all sorted within this one device. Making sure our Smart phone photos then reach the point of being printed and saved forever however, is not always something we are good at. Whereas in the past if you wanted access to your photos, short of carrying your camera around every day, the only other choice was to print the pictures. Nowadays though we aren’t so good at this, given the fact we have our photos readily available every day on our phones. The problem with this of course is that often we are either not sure how to get the photos printed or we believe the cost is going to be too much. The great news is there are lots of deals available for getting your Smart phone photos printed for as little as only 5p a print! Today we will be taking a more in-depth look at the offers which are currently available for getting our memories out of our phone and into our homes.

Whilst the photos we take on our phones are often some of our most measured memories, as mentioned above, sometimes getting them off our phone is something we simply forget to do. The risk here is that your Smart phone breaks or worse still, is stolen and for some of us this could mean our photos are gone forever. So it would be fair to say that getting them printed is a task we should all undertake. The great news is that it is now easier than ever to do this and there are a whole host of both online and shop based resources for doing just that. Firstly, the online resources, one of which is an application called Snapfish. Whether you access the service via your phone or a laptop, this service has lots of great deals and offers available. Today simply by using the service you can get 100 free prints with your order which is fantastic given the average person holds as many as 600 photos on their Smart phone device at any one time! Like many other companies Snapfish can also offer multi-buy discounts which mean the more prints you order, the less you will pay per print. This is one of many examples of companies who are available online and who will offer special rates and promotions depending on the day, week or even product you are considering. Most of which offer free delivery once a minimum order has been meet so be sure to shop savvy and then you simply need to wait for the prints to arrive at your door.

For those of us who would prefer to keep our shopping at the high street, even where your photo printing is concerned, there are lots of different resources available. In actual fact many shops and supermarkets now have the facilities available to print photos directly from your phone either whilst you wait or within a few hours. It would be fair to say though that often shop based printing services will be a costlier choice than that of online sources so a bit of shopping around may be needed. In the case of 20 prints, all the major supermarkets are charging between £2.99 in the case of Aldi through to £5.25 for Tesco prints. With this in mind it may be worth considering a Photo Book for your more precious pictures which allows larger pictures to be provided in a specially combined book, often at a discounted rate. For example, Boots are currently offeing a hardback book of 20 photos for £24.99 with supermarkets coming in a little cheaper at £22.00 via Tesco and Aldi.

With all of the above in mind I think it would be fair to say that we should not be tempted to shop where we know best; the high street and instead consider the quick and easy to follow steps available via online printing providers. The offers available here are often much better value for money and can result in some great savings to be had. One great example other than the ones we have discussed already here today is Photo- Box, who is currently offering up to 50 per cent off the total price, so happy snapping and shopping!

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