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Some of the best deals around

Ever since the internet became an integral part of our everyday lives, its ability to provide deals and savings only continues to increase. Like never before the internet houses some of the best ways to save money when making anything from everyday purchases to once in a life time purchases. Many millions of consumers not only rely on the internet for everyday daily functions, such as online banking and the conduction of business but at the same time are using the World Wide Web to hunt for bargains and ultimately save money in a number of different ways. The trick with internet based deals is to have the commitment and patience to narrow down what you want and then be prepared to shop around until you locate the best deal. Depending on the ‘purchase’ in question there will undoubtedly be a number of different ways the purchase can be made and therefore potential to hunt out a bargain. Take for example a simple and easy deal finding tool; This site allows consumers the ability to compare the cost of insurance based deals from a whole host of different providers to ultimately ensure the best and most cost effective option is selected. This particular site is not the only comparison based site in existence and in fact there are a whole host of comparison services available via the internet. Today we will be looking at just a handful of the current offers and deals which are there for the taking, allowing each and every one of us the ability to save money whilst still enjoying the things in life we want and need.

First and foremost did you realise that if you have brought CD’s or vinyl from Amazon in the last 17 years you already have your own online access to your personalised music selection? That’s right, if you have been making such purchases we Amazon you have the ability to log into your account and access ‘your music library’. By doing this you should then find a playlist of all the songs you have purchased over the years and as such have the capability to listen to this playlist as and when you wish. Secondly there’s a saving to be made when it comes to the purchase of a satnav such as a TomTom. Many millions of consumers use satnavs as a means of getting to and from their required destinations whether here in the UK or abroad. What many consumers are not accounting for is that for many of us, there actually isn’t a need to purchase a satnav if we possess a Smart Phone. The vast majority of mobile phone devices now come equip with GPS function and as such the device is likely to ensure has a built in satnav function. In addition there is free downloadable app called Navmii which is available in both the Apple Store and the Play Store meaning for the vast majority of consumers, there’s a way of saving the cost of purchasing a separate satnav for our travels.

Want to benefit from some free cinema passes? Well thanks to Compare the Market there is a quick and easy way to do so! As many of us will be aware, by purchasing a product offered by this site you can become a member of the Meerkat Movie Club. This means once entitled you can download 2 for 1 movie tickets once a week for an entire year. Whether you take out a credit card, switch energy suppliers or purchase an insurance policy, the benefit becomes available. This means a £2.00 travel insurance policy for one night could be purchased and then you are part of the Merrkat Movie Clue for the entire year. Given the fact a trip to the cinema for 2 is likely to cost in excess of £20.00, there is clearly a massive saving to be made with this deal. Another fantastic way of saving money for your younger family members is by getting creative. By demonstrating your 6 – 15 year olds ability to create a model or cook a lovely cake, there is the opportunity to apply for a Blue Peter Badge. The Blue Peter Badge then enables your child to visit as many as 200 attractions for free. The process of applying for the badge is fun too as it enable your child to play and make and the end result is rewarded. To discover more details visit the Blue Peter website and start getting creative and saving money on family days out today!

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