People who have some extra pounds in hand are now in luck after a long stretch of years because of the record fall that Euro, the currency of Ireland and most of Europe has seen. So if you were waiting to make that lifetime trip to the gorgeous countries of mainland Europe, now is the time to go wild with the packed backpack and hiking boots, you are about to get the best value of your money while travelling Europe than last ten years has seen. In the current economy, Canadian Australian and US tourists are also likely to benefit.


There are controversies about whether euro will see a comeback in recent future putting all speculations at jeopardy, but experts predict, in fact it is supposed to go even lower on the scale. This is all due to the recent economic meltdown in Greece, which got in a tough situation is recent times and was picked out of the jam by bail money from the neighboring EU countries, this was a privilege granted to Greece for being the member of European Union. For this privilege Greek government had to do major cut down in public spending to build the broken economy, kind of a strict program enforced on the government by EU.

So how it comes down to this? Here’s the story. The currency value of a country only comes down when the economy is also going downwards in the spiral. Because a stronger economy will not see the currency rate faltering. Now US economy has seen a 5% gross growth persistently, job market is also at a record up in a long stretch of years. But Europe is still stuck in the 1930s depression era, and there is no growth in the economy, with this in mind people are trying to keep in hold the currency that pays them more, and that currently is dollar. With the hint by experts that United States will tighten their monetary policy is making people to hold on the prized dollar even more and Europe’s loosening policy to cut down in public spending and euro is about to fall even further. And after Switzerland stopped pegging their money in euro, there is not much back support for euro to fall down at. All this monetary policy may seem complex and boring but for tourists this is a major opportunity to cash down on the dollars and take a vacation.

Euro, which is the prime currency for Ireland and most of Europe, has plummeted to a record low in comparison to Britain’s Pound and US Dollar. Recently euro has seen the lowest value of $1.1864 per euro from 2006. Even though it made an attempt to a decent comeback, it is still lower than what it was last year. So all in all, Americans, Canadians, Australians and British are in luck because they can buy more with their currency, making their trip a lot more affordable that it would have been before.

All these uncertainties have caused euro to fall against currencies of other countries. Euro has fallen down 10 percent to 15 percent from what it was in 2014 which means tourists can enjoy their vacation at all in slashed price discounted holiday.  If Greece pulls out or the euro, analysts say, the price could go even lower. So this is the time for a family vacation in Europe.

This is mostly all positive for the fallen grace of euro, the only downsides are just a few. Although the price for hotel, dining and transportation will be a lot cheaper now with the fallen price of euro, caution to the wind is the air fare price is not going down any time soon. So to reach Ireland or Europe, you will not get the slacks cut by much or at all because the air fare price will be set in US dollars, not euros, and air fare prices mostly depend on supply and demand in the market, which is pretty unrelated to the current exchange rates. Even for the record fall for the European exchange, the fuel charges and hence the fare charge is decided according to the strength of American dollar.

Even then, considering how euro has come down against dollar from $1.45 to $1.15 this could be the best time as any to book the trip to Europe in case euro recovers anytime soon, this could be the lifetime holiday at an all affordable pricing.


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